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Engineering & Construction

Shwe Taung Engineering and Construction is building the future of Myanmar, providing sustainable engineering and construction solutions for smarter growth. We are continually improving standards of living and connecting people by creating international quality housing, commercial developments, transportation, infrastructure and energy solutions.

How We Are Building the Nation of the Future



We are building diverse and increasingly complex products of international quality, from affordable housing projects to applying geotechnical capabilities to roads and bridges to hydropower facilities that power the progress of the nation.


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We develop green building solutions for sustainable urbanisation and promote sustainability in our projects through solar panels, reusable water systems and improved power consumption.


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We connect communities to opportunities and enhance the flow of people and goods through the construction of roads, bridges and railways. Improving the transportation infrastructure network in Myanmar helps to move Myanmar into the future.


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Building Construction

Yadanar Hninsi

Affordable Housing Project

Bridge Construction

Hledan Junction Flyover

Railway Construction

Building Construction

We are one of the largest construction companies in Myanmar with extensive experience and ability to deliver cutting edge sustainable solutions.

Since 1991, we have delivered more than 200 public and private sector projects across a wide spectrum of sectors including residential, commercial, retail, industrial and infrastructure, improving the quality of life for the Myanmar people.

We deliver landmark projects that help build the new Myanmar.

Junction City


Road Construction

We constructed the Yangon – Mandalay highway, the Sagaing – Monywa Highway and the Ohtaw – Shwe Bo Highway, providing intra-city connectivity. We have a track record of successful collaboration with international agencies on infrastructure development.

We won the Mau Bin – Kyait Lat – Pya Pon road project funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2019. The project has rehabilitated over 54 km of the north-south road between Maubin and Phyapon, which will boost connectivity and open up new economic opportunities for the agriculture sector.

Maubin – Kyaiklat – Pyapon


Bridge Construction

We have extensive experience in the construction of bridges and flyovers all over Myanmar. We have constructed the Dokehtawaddy Bridge (Yeywa), the Kyaing Taung Bridge (1) and (2), the Nam Cho Bridge, the Kywe Yoe Bridge, the Upper Paung Laung Bridge, the Dokehtawaddy Bridge (Upper Yeywa) and the Shwe Li (3) Bridge.

Within Yangon we have constructed two key flyovers which have enhanced connectivity in critical bottleneck junctions. We completed construction of the Hledan flyover in 2013. The Y-shaped Tamwe flyover was built in two phases. The first connects Banyar Dala Road to U Chit Maung Road and the second links up with Ashae Myin Pyin Kwin Road, known in English as East Horse Racecourse Road.

Hledan Flyover


Hydropower Construction

One of the first major players in Myanmar’s energy sector, we were the sole supplier of roller compacted concrete (RCC) for the Yeywa Hydropower Project, the largest RCC dam in Myanmar with an installed capacity of 790 MW.

In addition, Shwe Taung E&C is the project manager and EPC contractor of Balu Chaung (3) Hydropower Project which is located 25 km South East of Loikaw on the Balu Chaung River. This is the last stage of development over the series of cascade projects to be constructed along the Balu Chaung River. The project is the showcase of an international co-operation and was developed according to international hydropower projects benchmarks (IEC standards).

Yeywa Hydropower Project

Balu Chaung (3) Hydropower Project


Energy Related Construction

We constructed transmission lines of varying voltages (230/132 kV) at Yeywa-Belin, Yeywa- Meikhtila, Tarpain-Bamaw, Shwesaryan-MyaukPyin and ShweTaung-MyaungTagar. These projects are designed to carry alternating currents of radio frequency, that is, currents with a frequency high enough that their wave nature must be taken into account.

Balu Chaung (3) Hydropower Project


Railway Construction

We connect communities to opportunities and enhance the flow of people and goods through the construction of railways. Improving the transportation infrastructure network in Myanmar helps to move Myanmar into the future.
STE&C won the tender to upgrade the eastern section of the Yangon Circular Railway which includes renovation and upgrade works. The upgrade work covers the upgrading of the drainages along the railroad, pebble caving, streets cleaning, building high platforms, signal system installation and fencing.
Once completed, the upgrade is expected to cut travel time for a full loop of the line from 170 minutes to 105 minutes; trains will run every 10 to 12 minutes at peak hour, and hit speeds of up to 60 km an hour. Myanma Railways predicts that the number of passengers using the line will more than triple to nearly 300,000 by 2022.

Yangon Circular Railway


Geotechnical & Foundation Construction

We have state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering capabilities that includes tunnel construction, press piling, bore piling, retaining wall construction work and mining work. We provided geotechnical engineering work for the Shwegyin Hydropower Project and the Thahtay Hydropower Project, construction of the tunnel in the Kun Hydropower project, and carried out bore piling for four of the five construction projects along the Ayeyarwaddy River – Sinkhan, Pakokku, Yadanar Theinga and Nyaung Done.

Junction City Project


General Engineering

We have also built one Pozzolan factory at Popa. It is located in the quarry area, 3-8 kilometers north of Mount Popa, Kyaukpadaung Township, Mandalay. The Popa site was selected because of its close vicinity to the Yeywa Hydropower Project. The factory has a total output of 1500 tonnes per day and can package 1 to 2 tonnes export quality bags. The Popa Pozzolan has its unique advantage over cement as it is more resistant to chemical attacks, reduce shrinkage and its more cost effective. It was used in RCC in the Yeywa Hydropower Project because it allowed the construction period to be shortened if compared to CVC (Conventional Vibrated Concrete).

Popa Pozzolan Factory