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Service Technician (Tester)

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Number of Vacancies - 2


Installer performs the installation of equipment on site in path of Test and Commisioning. (* In some frontlines the installer is referred to as fitter, mechanic, engineer or technician.)

Responsibilities and key activities

Customer relationship management

  • Manages the equipment installation environment during installation activities
  • Manages on-site communication with the customer for day to day installation and logistical activities

Project management

  • Responsible for safe, high quality, and timely installation of the equipment following KONE installation methods throughout the installation process
  • Is responsible for reporting installation progress to the installation supervisor.
  • Ensures that shortages or damage are reported and replacement parts are ordered as soon as they are discovered
  • Keeps the installation tooling safe and in good condition
  • Ensures the security of the delivered equipment by means of correct storage and site handling
  • Communicates with the builder to prevent interruptions to installation work
  • Is familiar with the A.M. manual and aware of field letter updates
  • Is responsible for the safe working environment within the confines of the installation activity including storage areas


  • Responsible for Testing & Commisioning complete on time as standard time
  • Carries out the testing & Commissioning according to pre-determined method instruction and schedule
  • Submits reports of timekeeping, quality feedback forms and warranty claims for material
  • Contributes to the ongoing improvement of the product by feedback to the supply line
  • Identifying problems with systems or products
  • Produce test and commissioning documentation
  • Producing details commissioning programmers
  • Advise on testing commissioning procedures
  • Support project handover training with clients


Leadership / People management

  • May be required by the supervisor to give training/coaching to trainees and helpers.

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