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ERP Implementation Leader

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Job Description

  • Leading the transformation from current system to high performing, reliable and secure ERP platform.  Transformation program includes among others
    • Implementation of the SAP project (including data migration).
    • Providing financial oversight, planning and control over all projects related to ERP. Includes business case preparation, project planning, cost estimation, budgeting and financial forecasting for all ERP related activity.
    • Setting-up and coordinating, guiding and leading the team members during the project development.
    • Managing the relationship and expectations of functional and line management to ensure alignment.
    • Making decisions and evaluating functional issues.
    • Documenting every information, details, and data of every project.
    • Responsible for training, leading, supporting and orientating members of the project team.
    • Training and provision of support to users of the developed product.
    • Reporting development, success, and failure of the project to the top management of the organization.
    • Ensuring all laid down SAP goals and targets are accomplished within the designated period.
    • Making strategic decisions that would help achieve organizational objectives better.
    • Finding solutions to issues that might escalate during operations.
    • Co-operating with other teams or departments to achieve a better result after project completion.
  • Establish and manage a Centre of Excellence to support local super users and provide standards related to configuration, deployment metholodogy as well as share best practices.
  • Report to CEO and CFO.


  • BS in Computer Science or related degree
  • 3+ years experience in ERP implementation and IT operations
  • Thorough knowledge of IT application life cycle & service delivery governance
  • Strong project management skills
  • Must be excellent people manager with strong track record managing multi-functional team of IT specialist
  • Ability to pay attention to details carefully.

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