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Backend Developer

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Job Descriptions:

  • Analyze requirements, design, and develop functionalities based on the product’s requirements.
  • Build a secure and scalable infrastructure and web interface (clear, well-documented, and easy-to-maintain code).
  • Develop websites using both front-end and back-end programming languages.
  • Collaborate and work closely with various departments (e.g. marketing, operations, finance) for the related processes.
  • Support the existing system, enhance and update the system as per change request.
  • Design and implement various supporting tools as needed.
  • Troubleshoot and provide solutions to complex problems in large-scale backend infrastructure.
  • Build the front-end of applications as provided by the UX designer.
  • Test software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Supervise junior developers.

Job Requirements:

    • A minimum of 3-5 years of development experience in a similar role.
    • Experience in developing web applications or Rest API or Web Services using Laravel and ReactJS.
    • Experience in SQL and relational database design MySQL, PostgreSQL.
    • Experience with Amazon Web Services, Agile, and Scrum is a plus.
    • Experience in NoSQL, e.g., Redis, MongoDB, is a plus.
    • Familiar with frameworks like Ant design, Tailwind CSS is a plus.
    • Familiar with Linux development environments.
    • Good knowledge of common third-party APIs (Google, Facebook, etc.).
    • Disciplined and systematic work approach—able to handle timelines and multiple projects.
    • Resourceful and skilled in problem-solving with a flexible and adaptable work style.
    • Team player with the ability to thrive in a dynamic work environment.
    • Positive attitude, self-discipline, and working hard.
    • Highly motivated and passionate about technology.
    • Proven work experience in large data migration.

    Technical Requirements:

    • PHP (Laravel)
    • Git version control and CI/CD deployment
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
    • RestAPI
    • Understand API & integration designing, webhooks, AJAX.
    • Working knowledge of AWS ( EC2, RDS, Beanstalk, S3 etc ) setup and configuration.

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