Society – Shwe Taung Group


We believe that society development is a key aspect of sustainability. We are committed to becoming a catalyst for positive change that will enable communities to live better, safer and happier.

We are working closely with the communities where we operate to establish trust. We are also eager to develop sound relationships with our suppliers and customers. You can read more about our philanthropic effort here.

Enhancing People’s Life 

Our projects are designed to become preferred locations for business and social experiences. We hope to create new dynamism around the areas in which we operate, leading to the emergence of vibrant zones and benefiting the communities around our projects on a long-term basis.

Depending on the project, our business sectors’ leaders may decide to encourage with local communities to get a better understanding of their concerns and to take action. For instance, within our Building Material business sector, we engage with our stakeholders. We published the minutes of these meeting online, and they can be consulted here.

Creating Values With Our Suppliers 

We expect our stakeholders, and especially our suppliers, to endorse the same business principles as those embraced by the Group.

Each business sector will be then in charge of defining the policies and the roadmap to engage effectively with its suppliers. For instance, the suppliers of our Building Materials and Real Estate business sectors are audited on a yearly basis.

To develop sound relationships, we know that time is a critical component. Therefore, the Group aims to establish long-term relationships with its most important suppliers. On average, in our Building Materials and Real Estate business sectors, we have been working with almost 70% of our suppliers for at least 5 years.

The Group is also creating value for the Myanmar society as we are spending mostly with Myanmar suppliers, especially for our Building Materials and Real Estate business sectors, where the ratio of our spending on Myanmar suppliers reached 100% in 2018.

Managing Our Customers’ Relationships Responsibly 

Every day, we interact with hundreds of thousands of people: for instance, over 2,3 million of people are visiting each month our 9 commercial centers. Therefore, our responsibility is to provide them with safe and exceptional services and products.

Each business sector is responsible to manage its customers’ relationships. They monitor the satisfaction of their customers. For instance, the satisfaction rate of our customers using our cement is above 90%, while 72% of our tenants are pleased with the services provided within our commercial centers. The business sectors are also responsible for managing the complaints communicated by our customers. On average, our Real Estate business sector receives 40 complaints per month, versus 20 for the Building Materials business sector.

Participating In Local Platforms For Social Advancement 

We work together with governmental officials, NGOs and any other relevant institutions for implementing social and environmental policies in order to contribute to the development of Myanmar. We always keep ourselves informed of new laws and regulations and continuously update our policies and practices.

For instance, we are supporting the following organizations:


For more information, please download our policies and United Nations Global Compact Communications on Progress.