Environment – Shwe Taung Group


At Shwe Taung, we recognise the need to respect the environment. We are fully committed to tackling the challenges brought about by climate change. We are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint across all our operations and continue to develop tools to measure the outcomes of our progress in the direction of being more carbon neutral and environmentally sustainable.

At Group level, our environmental policy structure our efforts around three main pillars:
    Design, according to the principles of sustainability
    Act, to reduce our environmental impact
    Champion, by raising awareness amongst our internal and external stakeholders

Each business sector is then responsible for enforcing this policy. As the environmental impacts and challenges are sector related, it is not possible for the time being to consolidate our data at Group level. Shwe Taung is currently working to optimize its environmental management and reporting.

For the calendar year 2018, we collected some environmental data to reflect our efforts to enforce our environmental policy with one of our most iconic project: Junction City, where 7% of our workforce is working.

In 2018, Junction City’s energy consumption reached 18.2 GWh, of which 87% were related to electricity consumption. 130 MWh of renewable energy was produced, using the solar panels installed on the roof. For water consumption, 262,255 m3 were used. Regarding waste, 696 tonnes of waste were produced, of which 63% is food waste.

We estimate that GHG emissions for Junction City reached almost 5,835 tonnes eq. CO2 for 2018.

For more information, please download our policies and United Nations Global Compact Communications on Progress.