Corporate Philanthropy – Shwe Taung Group

Corporate Philanthropy

Shwe Taung is committed to improving the lives of the Myanmar people. Our community engagement efforts are focused primarily on civil-based activities across the country with a focus on education, social advancement and health.

Our role as an active citizen means sharing the concerns of our society and taking on responsibility for its improvement. We aim to go beyond donations and be actively involved in projects that have positive impact for the community and the society. Our focus is on the communities around the sites where we operate in order to ensure a better alignment of core business practices with community investment.

Since 1995, we have dedicated over USD 27 million dollars to build new schools, renovate classrooms and lecture halls, build hospitals, carry out disaster and relief operations and enhance social infrastructure.

In 2018, we officially registered Shwe Taung Foundation as our philanthropic arm to consolidate our CSR activities and to provide a structured approach for our activities moving forward. With Shwe Taung Foundation, Shwe Taung is further cementing our commitment to our vision “Inspiring Lives. Sustaining Progress.”

Shwe Taung Foundation aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide necessary support to the education sector for the development of Myanmar’s younger generation in order to create a sustainable future for the nation
  • Provide assistance to develop the well-being of the population, improve standards of living and create better opportunities for communities across Myanmar
  • Provide aid to disaster hit regions in order to help affected citizens regain normal lives and undertake recovery programmes as required

Based on Shwe Taung’s experience for the past two decades, the Foundation is guided by the positive outcomes of Shwe Taung’s CSR activities.