Shwe Taung Group

Shwe Taung Solar Energy

Shwe Taung Solar Energy, a subsidiary of Shwe Taung Infrastructure Investments, is a fully integrated solar system provider. We invest, install, and operate Solar PV systems as an integrated solutions provider. Solar Energy is a truely renewable energy source. Investing in solar energy not only reduces monthly electricity bill but also reduces our carbon footprint substantially for many years to come.

Our current portfolio of solar projects includes Junction Square Yangon, Junction Centre Nay Pyi Taw, Junction City Yangon, and Park Royal Nay Pyi Taw.

Our Portfolio

Junction Centre Nay Pyi Taw

Solar Installed Capacity
608 kWp
Annual Electricity Generation
911 MWh

Junction Square Yangon

Solar Installed Capacity
372 kWp
Annual Electricity Generation
480 MWh

Junction City Yangon

Solar Installed Capacity
117 kWp
Annual Electricity Generation
150 MWh

Park Royal Nay Pyi Taw

Solar Installed Capacity
357 kWp
Annual Electricity Generation
524 MWh

In addition to our current portfolio, we are negotiating with third-party customers in which Shwe Taung Solar Energy invests, installs, and operates the solar power system. The customer only pays for the electricity consumed on a per unit price basis at zero upfront investment cost.

The customer signs a power purchase agreement at mutually agreed tariff and tenure. At the end of the contract of period, the ownership of the solar power system is transferred to the customer at free cost or and agreed buy-out value.

Our Business Model

With Shwe Taung Solar Energy, our customer can expect to reduce their monthly energy bills while lowering carbon footprint due to emission-free power generation. Moreover, they can reduce diesel consumption while operating the generators during power cuts, and also enjoy cooler roof thanks to the shade from solar panel.

We expect that more commercial and industrial clients in Myanmar will adopt Solar Power systems in their buildings in the near future, and it is exciting to witness the country moving towards greener technology.