ShweTaung employees are inspired by a superior sense of generosity and caring. We care for people in need and we volunteer our efforts in disasters recovery missions. We care for our communities, for which we build schools, hospitals and infrastructures. We care for the environment and we adopt the most ecologically sound approaches in our businesses. We care for our Country and we want to make every Myanmar citizen proud of us.

Becoming part of the ShweTaung family is not for everybody, only committed, hard working and dedicated people can ensure accomplishment and successful delivery to our customers. Our reward for this level of sacrifice is measured not in instant gratification but in the awareness of contributing together to something positive, significant and bigger than any of us could ever imagine.

Whatever we do, we keep the customer satisfaction clear in our mind. We are acutely aware that in order to sustain our businesses in the future, we must satisfy the customer. We feel a responsibility to make sure the whole company works hard to provide our customers with services that are well above Myanmar standards.

Our reputation has been built on keeping our word at all times, even at cost of big sacrifices. Whoever deals with ShweTaung knows we always put a full-hearted effort to keep our promises. We can be trusted.
The trustworthy reputation of ShweTaung is a capital we cannot afford to squander.

ShweTaung promotes a corruption-free system that rewards innovating and value-adding participants. Episodes and attitudes of tolerance towards dishonesty are firmly rejected. Nobody is allowed to create private benefits at the expenses of the Group and the Group itself will never benefit at the expenses of the Myanmar people.

ShweTaung appreciates employees who show their loyalty throughout the years, especially during hardship and the occasional setbacks

At ShweTaung we take pride in setting and enforcing rules that are fair and apply to everyone. We do not tolerate slack and negligence. Being employed at ShweTaung means at the very basic mastering proper manners and personal grooming, and at its best behaving professionally and diligently at all times. We are proud of our work ethics and we want to be seen as role models in our families and our community.

Although diverse and heterogeneous, ShweTaung people are united in sharing the joy of success. We look at the future enthusiastically knowing that what has already achieved is only the beginning. The sky is the limit and we are excited to get there.