Octagon International Co., Ltd. provides logistic services which comprise planning, sourcing, storage of the products and delivery to the customers.

One of the competitive advantages of the company is having overseas alliances in international financial and logistic hub like Singapore, Bangkok and Guangzhou. Sin MianPte Ltd., A.T. Global Investment Pte Ltd., Builders International Trading Co., Ltd., Sin Main Guangzhou Trading Co., Ltd., are company’s gateways to the world, reliable financial and logistic service providers and trusted partners.

In the export sector, OIC mainly exports preserved seafood products such as dried shrimp and dried salted fish. In addition to seafood products OIC exports agricultural products such as hard wood, peas and beans, onion, garlic and other seasonal crops.

OIC provides logistic expert solutions for:

  • Construction Related Materials
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Heavy Machine & Spare Parts.

The company imports Fosroc -brand construction chemicals and related products from Malaysia and Mountain brand cement from Thailand in order to supply Government projects and Private Sectors.

For four years, OIC has been distributing Mountain brand Portland Cement Type I from Thailand with an annual sales volume is 1,200,000 metric tons.

Of all the imported products, Fosrocs Construction Chemicals are widely used in many hydropower and bridge projects including Yeywar Hydropower Project, Upper PaungLaung Hydropower RCC Dam Construction project, Nancho Hydropower project, Be Lu Chaung hydropower project and Irrawaddy Bridge Project.