Since its first airtime on 88.9FM in 2009, Padamyar FM has been increasingly popular and continues to get higher ratings among FM audiences. The impression spreads across 12 major locations in Myanmar, Padamyar FM offers its audience with the best mix of music, entertainment and more than 60 youth-oriented educational programs. With over 14 million listeners, Padamyar FM covers every genre from hip hop music to latest local news and headline international news, Padamyar FM also keeps its audiences up-to-date with the hottest trends in showbiz and the latest interviews with famous celebrities.

The first Padamyar FM audio book features more than 100 hours of aired radio programs covering various genres. It was donated to the School for the Blind in Yangon. With the objective of giving visually impaired students the entertainment and the education as a contribution to the Community Give Back Program, the audio books donation becomes the annual activity of Padamyar FM.