We believe that community development is a key aspect of sustainability. We are committed to becoming a catalyst promoting positive change that will enable communities to live better, safer and happier.

Support communities in need

Our role as an active citizen means sharing the concerns of our society and taking on the responsibility for its improvement. We invest in fundamental needs like education, healthcare and shelter for unprivileged communities. Our aim is to go beyond donations and be actively involved in projects that have positive impact for the community and the society. Our focus is on the communities around the sites where we operate in order to ensure a better alignment of core business practices with community investment.

For each major project, at least 1% of our revenue are dedicated to our CSR activities through the constitution of a CSR fund reserve.

Since 1995 to September 2015, we have dedicated over USD22 million dollars to build new schools, renovate classrooms and lecture halls, build hospitals, carry out disaster and relief operations and enhance social infrastructure. For more information on our CSR donations, please download ShweTaung Group’s CSR & Donation Record.

Enhance peoples’ lives

Our projects are designed to become preferred locations for business and social experiences. We hope to create new dynamics around the areas in which we operate, leading to the emergence of vibrant zones and profiting the communities around our projects on a long-term basis.


All our major real estate developments are thought to combine high quality and affordable prices. We give particular attention to making every building safe and enjoyable for the community at large. Our projects promote universally accessible designs, for example, all our shopping centres are wheelchair accessible with barrier free washrooms ensuring people with disabilities are not excluded from our new and innovative projects.

Participate in local platforms for social advancement

We work together with governmental officials, NGOs and any other relevant institutions for implementing social and environmental policies in order to contribute to the development of Myanmar. We always keep ourselves informed of new laws and regulations and continuously update our policies and practices.

For more information, please download and Reports on Communications on Progress that reaffirm our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.