Our nation has formed a newly elected democratic government with a publicly nominated president in 2010. As our government embarks on reforms, the nationwide rebuilding projects have also begun. With these rebuilding efforts, the country is heading toward the right direction in establishing a politically stable and an economically developing country. During this key historical moment, ShweTaung Group of Companies sets out the new mission of taking part to the rebuilding processes of our nation.

Established in 1990, ShweTaung Group of Companies has committed to achieve sustainable and healthy growth with the contribution of its shareholders and the relentless efforts of its employees. ShweTaung Group steadily marches forwards by firmly adhering to its values and missions. The company's strategy is lead by its development and construction projects. One of the highly regarded projects undertaken by our group is its collaboration with the Ministry of Electric Power to complete the Yeywa Hydropower Project (2001-2009). By successfully completing this mega project, it has enabled millions of Myanmar citizens, who suffered power outages for decades, to enjoy a stable and reliable supply of electric power. After the completion of this mega project, the company takes further steps to work with Myanmar government in constructing additional hydropower projects, which are parts of its much needed developments to satisfy the national electric power demand.

By setting out a new mission to contribute to national development, ShweTaung has continuously undertaken development projects such as urban development, Highway, Bridge and Power grid constructions. Currently, we operate 5 shopping centers of international standard in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw. We also have completed many critical landmarks such as Central Bank of Myanmar, Myanmar Radio & Television complex and Myawaddy TV Production complex. Our company emphasizes the quality in undertaking our projects, and we have been holding true to the quality of our projects to date.

We strongly regard our employees as the greatest asset in achieving the organization goals. Considering human resource as an essential resource investment, our training department continuously provides trainings and seminars to improve knowledge and creativity within the organization, improving the efficiency and competency of the employees.

As we continue to undertake infrastructure and development projects, we ensure these undertakings will also bring benefits to our fellow citizens. In order to establish an effective communal activity, we have launched companywide corporate social responsibility campaign. We are also members of the UN Global Compact since May 2013 and we are committed to respect and apply its 10 Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

After overcoming decades of difficult undertaking, the company continues to set its principal based on faith, honor and hard-work to achieve widespread acceptance both locally and internationally. We endeavor to put our expertise at the service of Myanmar by rebuilding the country under the new management and the new international environment, while actively participating to social development projects enhancing the lives of our fellow citizens.

Aik Htun